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  • About NBM.

    NBM is established in 2007 with the management ideology, Right, Creative, Valued, and Communicate Management.

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  • Molecular farming.

    Molecular Farming is the use of plants or plant cells to produce high-value compounds such as medicines...

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  • Product.

    Our product has expanded steadily to meet the needs of our customers with biorisk-free growth factors and cytokines.

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We are a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization

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  • Edible Vaccine+more
  • LED-based closed type Plant Factory+more
  • LED-based photo-bioreactor+more

Biotechnology Products

  • Bioreagents
    NBM Inc. is a privately owned biotechnology company.
    Biosimilars and Recombinant proteins
INNOzyme. Recombinant Enzymes from rice cell culture INNOkine. Growth Factors and from rice cell culture INNOmAb. Anti-bodies from rice cell culture